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We count on all of our wonderful volunteers to donate their time and talents to this important cause. Our team interviews, trains, and books all volunteers who facilitate and execute our programs at healthcare facilities and within the community. At each site, the musicians are joined by Hope in Harmony facilitators who have also been selected and trained by our team. The facilitators enact a very important role in the process, and act as a liaison between our organization and the musicians, and the site and people receiving services.


Become a Facilitator

What Do Volunteer Facilitators Do?

The Hope in Harmony facilitator escorts musicians around the site during their visits with patients in healthcare facilities or community centers. Facilitators introduce the program and our musicians and those receiving our service what kind of music they like. Facilitators do not need to be musically inclined or a performer themselves in order to volunteer, they just need to have a passion for our cause and desire to share music as part of the healing process.

The facilitator acts as the “eyes and ears” of Hope in Harmony during the visits and also acts as a liaison between the site and the musician. But most importantly, facilitators must be aware of all of the protocols, policies and expectations of the sites in which they volunteer, and are responsible for making sure these guidelines are upheld during the program. Facilitators are critical to the success of the program, and each is assigned to a specific site. The Hope in Harmony team provides on and off-site training to help the facilitators gain confidence in their work as they interact with the musicians, community members, patients, and their caregivers and loved ones.

Become a Musician

What Do Volunteer Musicians Do?

Hope in Harmony volunteer musicians have a very special job delivering the healing power of music directly to the people who need it the most. With the guidance of a Hope in Harmony facilitator who is familiar with each site’s protocols and procedures, they travel around each facility to perform live acoustic songs and teach music to those receiving our services. Hope in Harmony works with a wide variety of people, from infants to the elderly and everything in between, to support them during their time of need – whether that be during a city-run after-school program for underprivileged students, or to patients experiencing hospitalization due to illnesses that keep them overnight, or in hospice or long-term care. We use music and entertainment to support the healing process and promote a healthy environment in hopes to improve quality of life and lift spirits. Our musicians play privately in patients’ rooms, or for small groups in common areas of different facilities. But wherever it may be, you can be sure you are touching people in a way that will warm their hearts and brighten their days!


Contact for information on how to apply to become a volunteer.